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White-sofa-keep-clean, here are some tips that will help keep your white sofa white. the simplest solution would be to just get a washable slipciver. it would be best to have two of them. this way, whenever one of them gets dirty and needs cleaning you can just replace it with the other one.. Say goodbye to stains and discoloration and keep the crisp white sofa of your dreams in tip-top shape with these tips, from choosing fabrics to using slipcovers and scheduling regular cleanings., written by citygirlgonemom “deserving nice things” can look like adding avocado to your lunch order and other times, it looks like giving into buying the white sofa that’s been all over that dream-living-room pinterest board..

White sofas add elegance and style to any room, but dirty or grimy white sofa and loveseats can destroy your ambiance just as fast. cleaning a white sofa can be difficult, but it is an essential art to master if you want to incorporate any type of white, upholstered furniture into your decor., how to clean a white sofa. white sofas can be much harder to clean than colored sofas. this is because all of the dirt shows up on a white sofa..

There’s not much that can beat an airy, crisp, all-white room. it’s calming, classic, sophisticated and, yes, seemingly impractical. it might be easy to dismiss and think this style is best left for magazines and formal living rooms that are never to be touched, but that’s exactly the nonsense that i’m here to set straight., so, you know all those pretty blogger houses with bright white slip-covered couches and chairs? and how every.single.one of them insists the slipcovers are so easy to clean – just pop them off, throw them in the wash and all is well?.

22 thoughts on “ how to: live with white or light furniture with kids & pets | how i clean my cream sofa ” jo @ to a pretty life says: at 2:12 pm i have heard very good things about that bissel cleaner for carpets. it’s good to hear it can be used for upholstery too. not that i need it at the moment, with our dark leather furniture, but ..., a few months ago, i showed you our new all white couch that we purchased on our crazy ikea shopping trip! well, it's been 5 months; we've eaten on our coach, we've napped on our couch, we've had spit-up on our coach, we've spilled on our couch -- basically, we've used and abused our couch, but it's still white! so i thought i'd give you a little update and a few tips for keeping a white couch ...