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Volunteer-to-cuddle-babies-near-me, project cuddle is an amazing organization that i was so lucky to find on volunteer match two summers ago. this is my second summer helping debbe and the rest of the project cuddle team and it is an absolutely incredible cause.. Become a volunteer kuddler! being a volunteer nicu cuddler for three years has changed my life. there is no greater feeling, than knowing you are changing many lives, with your love and time. please consider this opportunity to give back, in a city near you! click on your state, to find a li, the best way to try and find cuddle care program is to google: cuddle care volunteer programs near me for example the  st. mary-corwin medical center in pueblo, az recently put out a call for baby cuddlers, as did  miami valley hospital in ohio  and the  tulane-lakeside hospital for women and children near new orleans, louisiana..

Adoption agencies seek baby cuddlers to nurture orphan newborns by beth buczynski . advertisement. beth is a sipper of coffee and a spoiler of cats. she's been writing for the internet in one way ..., stay to the end for a list of nicu cuddler programs so that you can find out if there is one near you and how to apply. by this time, you may have heard something about the nicu baby cuddler program..

Baby cuddlers are volunteers who sit with premature infants in neonatal intensive care units. the human contact benefits both old and young., nurses report that drug affected babies shake, sweat, cry, get severe acidic diarrhoea that burns their skin, as well as suffer the pain of being overstimulated by lights and sound. but, there is hope; the same nurses note that when held and cuddled for long periods, these babies are comforted and can cope with their ordeal much better..

You have seen us everywhere, the most popular volunteer job that has gone adorably viral, a "cuddler!" who doesn't want to hold sweet, innocent, newborns, needing love and comfort?! it touches your heart, even thinking about it. in 2014, when i was first exposed to hearing about being a volunteer, just try not to get emotional as we tell you about this incredibly rewarding volunteer gig: it’s like being a grandma or auntie to some really special babies fighting for their lives in ....

When we wrote about adoption agencies needing volunteers to cuddle newborn babies, there was a bundle of joy… in terms of excited comments.it turns out there are more than just a few of you who would love to step up to the volunteer gig of a lifetime (well, two lifetimes, yours and theirs!) with open arms.